The Reinvention of Early Access

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The latest innovation in decentralized launchpads. Managed by its community, DxLaunch is a consensus protocol with a decentralized ecosystem focused on the promotion and improvement of new protocols.
DxLaunch allows development teams to apply for their own presale, and investors to operate safely and anonymously.
Community Driven
Presale proposals have to be approved by the community in order to launch. $DXL holders decide which project can use the platform.
Security First
Safe projects are rewarded and precautions are encouraged to transmit security to holders and potential investors.
Create And Launch In
Simple Steps
Project owner proposes a new presale
Whitelisted Auditors review the code and check the contracts
$DXL holders vote if the project will be part of DxLaunch
Presale goes live
Safe launch with token vesting and locked liquidity
Security Features
Voting via Governance
$DXL holders decide whether to allow a project to launch or not
Audit & KYC
A Review of smart contracts by audit partners as well as KYC for all projects is encouraged
100% of the liquidity will be automatically added by our smart contracts in one of our DEX partners and locked for 6 months.
Security Fund
1.5% of each presale goes to a security fund, to be used in case a compensation is required
Tokens will be available 7 days after the presale and then progressively released over the next 15 days.
Security partners actively work within the codes to ensure contracts do not contain malicious functionalities
What's new in this Launchpad?
DxLaunch not only works as a completely decentralized launchpad. Its true function is to be a consensus protocol in the community with a complete decentralized ecosystem. It is the community with its opinion, research, and votes who will promote and decide.
DxLaunch is a DAO
1. Valuable Proposals
Protocols need to be clear and attractive to satisfy the community. Innovation is naturally encouraged.
2. One Presale Each Week
Time and tools for qualitative research are guaranteed inbetween presales.
3. Totally Decentralized
Our innovative protocol reduces centralization risks and empowers community.
4. Collaborators
The largest partner's network collaborates with the ecosystem: DeFi, Audit, Tech & Media Partners, DeFi communities, and influencers.
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